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Stepping into my real self

I spent the first part of my life not being true to myself because I thought I needed outside approval. So I spent most of my life taking care of everyone else—my family, my friends, my coworkers, my romantic partners. I was convinced that if I wasn’t who they wanted me to be then they’d reject or abandon me. Trying to please others all the time basically left me attached to outcomes & I’d end up a ball of anxiety trying to “get it right”. 

When I did let parts of the real me show, I got the message that I was too much…too sensitive, too loud, too needy, too weird, too different. So I lived depressed & stuck in feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere and not sure how to handle those feelings. I mean, I knew my life didn’t feel right but it was also terrifying to consider changing it. Eventually I collapsed under the stress and pressure.

Because honestly, it’s exhausting to feel responsible for everyone else’s happiness. I was tired of being who others wanted me to be and felt lost. And years of abandoning myself, feeling like something was wrong with me, working so hard to be “good enough” and to feel successful…I fell completely apart, ending my marriage, unable to go to work and barely able to take care of my kids. 

I did the usual things to try and get my self esteem and life back. I went to therapists, took medications, read books and researched obsessively. I tried positive thinking and bullied myself with ‘tough love.’ Each thing helped a little…but nothing helped enough. I was swimming in wondering how I was this old & still don’t know who I was or what I wanted.

And from this desperate place, I took a giant, brave leap of faith and went back to school. In the process of getting my degree I learned and practiced so many alternative forms of therapy, healing work and somatic practices. Turns out that these things made a huge difference for me. In the process, I finally stepped into my real, messy, loveable and true self.

Knowing me now, you wouldn’t recognize the ‘before’ version. I have clarity on who I am and what I want and the courage and confidence to live it. I am grateful for my journey and so happy to be here now, using all that I’ve learned to help others find the freedom, courage and confidence to live lives that make them wildly happy, too. If you’d like to start your journey toward having clarity on what you want and the confidence to live it, I invite you have a call with me and take your first step today.

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